Bengals first-round pick Billy Price cleared from injury

The Cincinnati Bengals received some positive news as summer break begins.

First-round pick Billy Price tweeted Monday that he’s been cleared for football activity.

Making decisions quick, getting the ball out of his hand, that’s where, when he improves, the consistency will come…. We’re not trying to make him anything he’s not. We want him to be the best version of himself.

The Panthers hope the Turner family can unlock hidden potential the 2015 NFL MVP. If this season Reebok Cheap Jerseys of change is scrapped as quickly as last year’s rework, we can quit wondering if Newton can undergo a professional metamorphosis.

The Yankees are not considered to be a primary suitor for Machado. But there have been grumblings that the Boston Red Sox could be interested in Machado, especially if he’s willing to move back to third base.

The issue isn’t the total value of the deal but the amount of the guaranteed compensation in year four. The three players taken from picks 23 through 25 (Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley, the 26th pick, is unsigned) realized double-digit percentage increases in the amount of the guaranteed pay for the fourth season, in comparison to last year’s picks No. 23 through 25. Penny, however, had his percentage of guaranteed pay shrink by 0.37 percent.

As the source explained it, that discrepancy has become an impediment for at least one of the players taken after Penny. While it’s still unlikely that holdouts will result for any of the players taken late in the first round, someone will need to blink regarding the issue of guarantees in 2021 before that will happen.

I’m technically on vacation. But since my work isn’t really work a vacation, I’ll just keep working.

Monday’s non-work work included posting several stories at PFT, taping seven videos that appear throughout the platforms, and recording a joint #PFTPM/PFT Live podcast for your Wholesale NFL Jerseys Nike listening pleasure. Or otherwise.

Draymond Green still doesn’t take Damian Lillard and the Blazers seriously

Damian Lillard thinks the Trail Blazers could give the Golden State Warriors fits offensively if they land Carmelo Anthony in a trade this summer. Draymond Green had something else in mind.

“Based on what I witnessed, it seemed that management was willing to bend security policy Wholesale NFL Jerseys Nike and procedure for white entertainers and celebrities, but not for black entertainers and celebrities,” Carr said.

Carr said he had many meetings with Hayes about this issue and what he saw. He alleged he never noticed any changes.

Jason Parker, the head of security at the time who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, was someone that Carr said he kept his distance from. He said Parker had a habit of speaking improperly to several black employees. Carr also claimed the reason there were no changes was because Parker authorized other white bosses to bend security policy for white entertainers.

After Hayes was terminated, Carr alleges management called a meeting on July 7. Before his leave, Hayes had asked for pay raises for his entire staff, which were never given until his firing and announced at this meeting. Before the meeting was over, management had a specific request. Carr wasn’t at the meeting, but a co-worker made sure he was informed.

“My colleague also told me that management advised the staff not to talk to USA Cheap Jerseys Mr. Hayes because he was suing the ATL Hawks,” Carr said.

This Is The 6,000-Pound Fish Tank Jimmy Butler Wanted in His River North Mansion

The two initially offered up a basketball-themed tank, which Butler immediately put the kibosh on.

“Terrible idea!” Butler said. “Terrible! The basketball idea is not the right idea for this situation.”

He went on to push them in the music direction, saying, “I’m a really big music guy.” What might be unexpected to some is that the Bulls star is big into country music.

Butler’s reaction to his new massive old-school boom box tank, which they surprised him with on his way back from Bulls practice, was nothing short of amazement.

“OH! This is beautiful man!” Butler said. “This is better than I could have ever imagined … This is big time.”

The team even put 50 fish inside the tank in honor of the Chicago Bulls’ 50th anniversary.

The full “Tanked” episode airs on Animal Planet Friday, Nov. 13 at 9 p.m. CT.

Back in July, Butler reportedly signed a $90 million, 5-year-contract to stay with the team.

NFL quarterback Michael Vick got the celebrity treatment as he visited the state Capitol on Tuesday to lobby for a bill to help protect cats and dogs from being left in unattended vehicles.

The bill would shield first responders from liability for any property damage they cause when rescuing animals from unattended cars and trucks in extreme heat that endangers their health and well-being. Leaving a cat or dog in an unattended vehicle under such conditions would be summary offense under the bill.

“I hydroplane, slam into the median, get blasted in the face by the air bags,” said Weatherford, whose face was bruised in the crash. “My rental is totaled and I walked out without a scratch.”

Merullo later scouted for the Cubs. His grandson, Matt Merullo, played six years in the majors, mostly with the Chicago White Sox.

“While I have experienced many joys as owner of this great franchise, one of the most memorable was meeting Lennie last season,” Ricketts said.

“When the Cubs last appeared in a World Series in 1945, Lennie was a 28-year-old shortstop. Nearly 70 years later, he brought the same youthful spirit and excitement,” he said. “To his family, friends and loved ones, our organization will never forget him.”