Bengals first-round pick Billy Price cleared from injury

The Cincinnati Bengals received some positive news as summer break begins.

First-round pick Billy Price tweeted Monday that he’s been cleared for football activity.

Making decisions quick, getting the ball out of his hand, that’s where, when he improves, the consistency will come…. We’re not trying to make him anything he’s not. We want him to be the best version of himself.

The Panthers hope the Turner family can unlock hidden potential the 2015 NFL MVP. If this season Reebok Cheap Jerseys of change is scrapped as quickly as last year’s rework, we can quit wondering if Newton can undergo a professional metamorphosis.

The Yankees are not considered to be a primary suitor for Machado. But there have been grumblings that the Boston Red Sox could be interested in Machado, especially if he’s willing to move back to third base.

The issue isn’t the total value of the deal but the amount of the guaranteed compensation in year four. The three players taken from picks 23 through 25 (Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley, the 26th pick, is unsigned) realized double-digit percentage increases in the amount of the guaranteed pay for the fourth season, in comparison to last year’s picks No. 23 through 25. Penny, however, had his percentage of guaranteed pay shrink by 0.37 percent.

As the source explained it, that discrepancy has become an impediment for at least one of the players taken after Penny. While it’s still unlikely that holdouts will result for any of the players taken late in the first round, someone will need to blink regarding the issue of guarantees in 2021 before that will happen.

I’m technically on vacation. But since my work isn’t really work a vacation, I’ll just keep working.

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