Hall of Fame Game is no prize, but at least an ugly NFL offseason is over

There’s an actual, real-life NFL football game Thursday night, the Hall of Fame Game. (All right, it’s an exhibition game, and it’s the one that never made it to kickoff last year. Close enough.)

Does that mean the offseason is over … finally? That is, what passes for the NFL offseason. It never really was off, we all know. There was no down time, no space to breathe, no pause button.

Yes, training camp has been going on for more than a week in most places. However, this is what people circle on the calendar: when the post-Super Bowl drought ends, the games return and are here to stay until February. But as we know, and as we’re accustomed to now, you can’t return if you never actually leave.

“I kind of whiffed and he pushed me to the ground.

“Coaches were like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I said, ‘Have you seen that guy? You want to block him?’

Anderson said “it’s cool” to have Peppers as a teammate and he has “a lot of respect” for what Peppers has done during his career.

“I think God really just built him like this perfect specimen and was like, ‘Here, don’t mess it up.’ Cam is kind of the same way,” Anderson added. “They just have these physical tools that not many people have.

“Obviously it’s a testament to what he does in his offseason and in his training. To be able to play this long, it’s not by accident.”

While Peppers is entering what might be his final NFL season, the Panthers still have Real Madrid Cheap Jerseys high expectations and his teammates would love nothing more than to send him off with another Super Bowl appearance.

“He’s still one of those top defensive ends,” Short said. “Put him anywhere Quality Cheap Jerseys on the line and he’s still going to show out.”