Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas joked that McNair and Sterling “must be really good friends” in a tweet of his own.

Texans star DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice Friday because of McNair’s remarks. The entire team considered a boycott, according to ESPN, but was persuaded to stay and practice. Coach Bill O’Brien said after Cheap Sports Jerseys practice he is “100 percent” with is players, but also said his team will play Sunday against the Seahawks.

The flurry of reactions stems from McNair being quoted by ESPN as saying, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” during an NFL owners-only meeting the day after McNair and other NFL representatives met with current and former players to discuss the issues behind the national anthem protests. The criminal justice system and racial inequality are a big part of why players continue making statements.

Picking just one of these core guys is a challenge, but if we had to pick someone it would be Robinson Cano.Our View: We’re surprised Buffalo hasn’t wanted another fullback after signing two already this offseason….He threw his first of four no-hitters against the expansion New Mets on 30, and the end pitched to a 14 record with a league leading 2 and 216 strikeouts.The only time I can recall a player describing post-concussion symptoms detail was 2014 when right tackle said he was scared after his concussion left him a white fog.A lot closer to the end than to the beginning.

The outlier, of course, was the Packers-Cowboys divisional round game at Dallas, a classic that went down to the last play before Mason Crosby’s 51-yarder at the gun reduced AT&T Stadium to a quivering mess. That was game that had everything: a proud old gunslinger (Aaron Rodgers) and a pair of hot-shot stars (Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott), a proud comeback by the home team, big plays in big spots all over the map.

A bench-clearing brawl with the Red Sox June let Boston know the Rays didn’t plan on rolling over for the defending champions.Also, one of their receivers who probably play more this week is Cheap To Jerseys some named who went to the University of Miami and played for the Colts last year.Did he make idiotic, unnecessary play that injured a player seriously?Scheuerman UDFA out of Lafayette last year, Scheuerman bounced around the league before landing on the Packers’ practice squad December.How He’s Progressing It’s a little surprising that the big-bodied center has had just one game the NHL the past few years.