Jacksonville’s Leonard Fournette gashed the Steelers for 109 yards and three touchdowns in their AFC divisional-round playoff game.

This particularly was evident in the season’s two biggest games, when a running back who already is paid nearly 50 percent more than anyone else at his position — and is demanding even more — was outperformed by a rookie and played to a draw by a veteran who has been cut twice and is on his fourth NFL team.

When the Steelers welcomed New England for their huge Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys December showdown at Heinz Field, Dion Lewis averaged 5.2 yards per carry and kept the Steelers from aiming all their defensive attention at superstar QB Tom Brady.

In those games, Bell was employed as a rusher on 22 total first-down carries, the down on which the Steelers ideally like to use their allegedly overwhelming running game to set up Roethlisberger in advantageous passing situations. Except Bell did not deliver in those circumstances. He went for two or fewer yards on 13 of those attempts. When the Steelers relied on their running game to win first down, they lost nearly 60 percent of the time against the Jags and Pats.

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George forced a few looks and didn’t find as much space as anticipated.

“I’m so thrilled to be in this position,” Embiid said in the statement announcing his deal. “I want to thank ownership, management, the coaches and most of all the fans, for supporting me throughout this whole process. I love this city and I’m so, so, so, so excited to be spending my next five years here and hopefully the rest of my career, God willing. Trust ‘The Process.'”

76ers coach Brett Brown, without commenting on the contract’s specifics, told media before Monday’s preseason game at Boston that Embiid has transformed the 76ers with “his physical presence; he does it with a defensive mindset, and he does it with an offensive target that is different than anything else that we have.”

“When he has been able to practice with us, he has changed the gym,” said Brown, while calling Embiid a “difference-maker.”

The deal represents the 76ers’ commitment to Embiid’s talent, given Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys that he has been healthy enough to play in Cheap Blank Hockey Jerseys only 31 regular-season games since Philadelphia selected him with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

It’s obviously not a worry for the Thunder; their offensive firepower will work itself out. Defense has been the primary focus in camp. But it has been a noticeable trend — albeit in a small, three-game preseason snapshot — that George has found rhythm playing solo as Westbrook and Anthony sat. In the first two preseason games, George played in the third, scoring 16 points on 6-of-8 shooting. On Sunday, as Anthony and Westbrook played extended minutes into the second half, George forced a few looks and didn’t find as much space as anticipated.

Then again, as Anthony noted, the Thunder had a fair number of decent looks that they simply missed. With their level of offensive talent, some of the perceived struggles will fade away when good players make shots.

Samuel is maybe the most unique skill guy in this year’s draft.

Wayne Gallman looks the part, and his highlights are as good as anyone’s. But he was never particularly consistent at Clemson, and his explosiveness was minimal during last year’s title campaign.

Samuel is maybe the most unique skill guy in this year’s draft. He’s small and crazy fast, but he’s also strong and efficient. Ohio State used him all over the field, and he ended up combining 97 carries with 97 pass targets in 2016.

If you’re looking for a running back prototype, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a versatile guy who is dangerous as hell with the ball, pick Samuel.

He’s now a professional. The Bills traded up to pick him 37th overall, in the second round of the NFL draft on Friday night.

Jones played in national anonymity for most of his college career. He was a low three-star recruit out of Austin, Texas, in 2013. He played on 10-3 and 8-5 teams in his first two years, when he was a productive target on squads that played in the Beef O’Brady’s and Birmingham Bowls.

ECU went 8-16 in his junior and senior years, with a coaching change between them. Jones had his chances to be noticed — scouts are thorough — but he didn’t feel he got the Cheap Blank Hockey Jerseys level of attention players at power-conference schools did.

“I believe probably not as much as other guys get from schools such as Alabama and LSU — respectfully to those schools, not throwing any shots at them, well-deserved — but I don’t think as much attention was brought to what I was doing, as far as an individual player,” he said. “I know we struggled as a team. Of course, with a non-winning season and you’re getting blown out some games, no one’s really paying attention to the numbers that you’re putting up, but I believe if you truly watch the film, I’m playing Cheap Jerseys Authentic 90 to 99 snaps a game, and I’m consistently producing.”