Damarious Randall’s shopping list keeps growing

Browns defensive back Damarious Randall has promised to buy everyone who retweets his prediction that the Cavaliers will win the NBA championship, if the Cavailers indeed win the NBA championship.

He may want to consider rooting for the Warriors.

Despite playing well enough that teams told Perez to keep his phone nearby during April’s draft, 256 picks came and went without his name being called. Which brings us back to the tryout.

As soon as the workout was over, the quarterbacks coach had told me that I did a really good job and that ultimately, the decision wasn’t up to him, it was up to the general manager and the head coach, Perez said. Within a few minutes after that, the general manager Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys called me into his office and made the decision to sign me.

Perez still has some hurdles to jump over before he actually makes the roster. When he spoke to The Post on Sunday, it was just his fourth day with the Rams. He’s still learning the playbook — one that differs greatly from what he was working with at A&M Commerce — and the Rams have four quarterbacks signed. Last year, they carried just two into the regular season, and Jared Goff isn’t going anywhere.

Kendricks told Tomasson that it would be a “dream come true” to play alongside his brother and that Eric is lobbying him to remain in the Twin Cities, but things haven’t progressed to a point where he’s considering an offer from someone higher up in the organization.

“He’s doing all that he can,” Kendricks said of his brother. “He’s let me know what the team’s all about. … But he knows in the end I’m going to make my decision based off the things that are presented to me.”

Kendricks had 77 tackles and two sacks for the Eagles in 2017 and has played all six of his NFL seasons in Philadelphia.

The 2014 Scottsdale Scorpions are making their mark for the Yankees and Mets.

Not everyone is a fan of Chris Long’s charitable endeavors.

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