Jerry Jones’ biggest regret: Not getting Tony Romo, Jason Witten to Super Bowl

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has enjoyed success few team owners will ever know. Dallas has won three Super Bowl championships since he bought the team in 1989, and he’s parlayed his original $140 million investment into the most lucrative franchise in pro sports, worth more than $4 billion.

But the 75-year-old Jones says he’s made some mistakes. His biggest regret: Not getting longtime Cowboys stars Tony Romo and Jason Witten to a Super Bowl. Jones told Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk he “dropped the ball” in not getting the two a shot in the championship game.

“I respected so much how unique Tony Romo’s contribution was both Cheap Online Jerseys from a leadership standpoint as well as just his command of the game, his presence, everything out there,” Jones said. “It has just been reinforced when I also think about Witten not being on the field. It can’t help but remind me of what you miss when you lose a Tony Romo.

“On the other hand, just as the very nature of what happened now [last year with Romo’s retirement], that gives the opening for somebody else to step up not only as a player but also from the standpoint of leadership. I think we’ve really got the opportunity to see that here certainly with Dak [Prescott] and the general leadership we have on that side of the ball.”

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