Thirteen teams have a lower touchback-percentage than the Pats but Belichick is doing it with more panache.

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It’s purely intentional. Those two fumbles on kickoffs on Thursday night, both led to scores and, despite the popular narrative of the morning, did more to win that game that anything a (very solid) Jacoby Brissett did.

The obvious problem is that a rule intended to minimize kickoff returns is actually increasing them. And given that we’re only two games into the season for most teams, expect this trend to spread Cheap Baseball Jerseys China league-wide soon. Sure, the Patriots are in position to take advantage of this because their kicker, Stephen Gostkowski, is adept at being able to place the ball on a 65-yard kickoff, but you can bet that the other 31 kickers around the league will spend almost all their practice time trying to land kickoffs on the three-yard line, Pats-style.

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Listening to those around Collins, it’s clear he isn’t too big to do the little things. In fact, he has built himself into the player he is by focusing on the little things.

“I think he showed great spurts in his rookie season, but he came on in a huge way when we needed him to last season,’’ linebacker Devon Kennard said. “He was a huge piece to why we were as successful as we were last season. I didn’t take surprise by it, because I see it every day in practice … so when he started making all those plays it made sense.’’

Kennard’s advice to Collins for this season: “If I were him, I would focus on doing what he has to do to help us win. The numbers will show for themselves.’’

Said linebacker Mark Herzlich: “You clear your slate. He has the confidence Cheap Chelsea Jerseys that he can make all the plays. I think he has the ability to do everything he did last year and more.’’

Now that would be one hell of a season.

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