Raiders WR Michael Crabtree downgraded to doubtful against Broncos

Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree has been downgraded to doubtful ahead of Sunday’s game at Denver, the team announced Saturday.

Crabtree, who was ruled questionable to begin the week, is dealing with a chest injury that forced him to leave early last week in a loss to the Redskins.

Crabtree has 13 receptions for 170 yards and three touchdowns this season. All three touchdowns came in a Week 2 win over the Jets.

With Crabtree unlikely to suit up against the Broncos’ vaunted pass defense, quarterback Derek Carr will likely pepper Amari Cooper with all the targets he can handle.

Payton spoke to the media on the subject Tuesday after he had earlier tweeted out a statistic that appeared to come from The New York Times and in 2015 which said that more Americans have been killed in the U.S. by guns (including suicides) since 1968 than in all wars in the country’s history combined.

When asked why he decided to use his platform to speak out so strongly on this issue, Payton said: “It was no decision, it’s just common sense. It’s, ‘We should quietly sit …’ And I just think it’s frustrating. Sometimes you see things from afar and you look and you think, ‘It’s madness.'”

“It was very simple,” Payton said of his Tuesday tweet. “I just think, let’s start from this standpoint: The current protocol is not working. The current system’s not working. And the madness is when you go years and years and years and say, ‘Well …’

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