Richie Incognito delivered a soul-crushing block on this poor Eagles linebacker

Before I get into the most disrespectful blocks from Week 2 of the preseason, I need to thank y’all for participating in this series. The amount of videos sent my way was outstanding. Please keep sending them (via Twitter at @geoffschwartz).

The video I received the most by far was this soul crushing block by Buffalo Bills left guard Richie Incognito on a poor Eagles linebacker.

This was textbook screen blocking by Richie. He stops the feet of the defensive tackle, and then gets “beat” by him, the defensive tackle thinks he’s beaten Incognito and continues to rush the quarterback instead of chasing down the screen.

Everywhere he goes, there are protests of his inclusion, and that likely won’t be any different at Fox Sports. But he’ll also have to tread carefully on a career path that requires tact when speaking.

A month ago, Vick drew criticism for saying that Colin Kaepernick should “cut his hair” if he hopes to earn another contract in the NFL.

“I think I’m ready for it,” Vick told USA Today when asked if he was ready for public scrutiny at Fox Sports. “I have already been through that during my career and have had a lot of practice doing interviews. You have to be careful because anything you say can go viral.

“I have never criticized guys, but I will be critical. Great players understand that. I’ve seen the reactions from my teammates watching shows in the team lounge when they disagree with something. I’m a credible guy and I think people will respect that.”

Prior to joining Fox Sports, Vick said he was interested in a career in coaching Cheap Real Jerseys and got that started with the Chiefs. He told USA Today Cheap Rugby Jerseys that coaching is still something that “will be part of [his] life” at some point. For now, Vick is heading to the analyst’s desk.

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