Von Miller is prepping for the NFL season by joining a children’s ballet class

Miller crashed a ballet class last week with some of his teammates to become a little more graceful before football season, or so we can imagine. The kids looked stoked to have Von Miller there to practice alongside them, especially given his history on Dancing with the Stars.

No word on whether his latest dancing resulted in some of the problems he had when he appeared on TV.

Huber was under pressure from Washington’s special teamers. This is how he handled it.

This thing was absolutely getting blocked, and Washington’s Zach Pascal is coming in hot for that ball. What Huber does to protect it is some Matrix-level stuff. Here’s another angle.

Unfortunately for Huber and the Bengals, he wasn’t able to get the punt off and he was taken down by Washington. But he held onto the ball and he looked like a badass doing it.

It looked like this was a touchdown in real time, at Cheap Jerseys Team least for those of us watching at home. That’s not what the officials saw. They said Phillips fumbled in the end zone, which Cheap Jerseys Premier League would be a touchback.

But on review, they found that Phillips stepped out of bounds at the 2-yard line. That gave the Dolphins a first-and-goal from the 2, and they took advantage. Jay Ajayi went right up the middle and put another six on the board for Miami. Andrew Franks converted the extra point.

We do love big man touchdowns, but really, any big play from a 333-pounder is a lot of fun.

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