It annoyed Osweiler to the point that he stopped talking to the team altogether

He threw 10 touchdowns, six interceptions and helped the Broncos — albeit, a team that won with dominant defense — to a 5-2 record during his time under center.

But even though Osweiler was the team’s shoo-in be a starter in 2016, the Broncos weren’t convinced and lowballed the quarterback in the final weeks before he was set to become a free agent. It annoyed Osweiler to the point that he stopped talking to the team altogether.

Instead he signed a four-year, $72 million deal with the Houston Texans and his time as the belle of the ball came to an end.

In a conversation with the NFL Network’s Judy Battista, Lewis said that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and the team were making plans to sign the free agent quarterback until they saw the tweet. Lewis played a part in the deal falling through, according to a release detailing the exchange.

The following is the transcript from Showtime for the Cheap Jerseys Online exchange between Battista and Lewis:

Judy Battista – “I’m startled that he has not been signed. I’ve been Cheap Jerseys MLB With Free Shipping told ever since I’ve started covering the NFL that talent wins out. We’ve seen teams take chances on a lot of unsavory characters. The fact that this is what has tipped over and they can’t come to grips with signing a guy who has kneeled for the national anthem but you’ve signed guys that have enormous legal issues — and they’ve been embraced by teams and they’ve been embraced by fans — I find that curious.”

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