He needs a different goal as he transitions into the next phase of his career.

Rose still put up numbers in New York because he’s still a high-volume lead guard. What was troubling is that Rose put up those numbers despite being paired with Hall of Fame scorer Carmelo Anthony and Quality Cheap Jerseys burgeoning star Kristaps Porzingis last season. Rose’s goal was to be a star point guard despite his physical ailments and several seasons of anti-glory. In that quest, he put up surprisingly decent, albeit hollow, numbers.

Despite having his best season since 2012 (when he was an All-Star), Rose was still miscast as a featured player. The Knicks’ record spells out the bottom line: New York was bad, and only won 40 percent of their games with Rose available.

He needs a different goal as he transitions into the next phase of his career. As the free agent market showed, no one wants that old D-Rose anymore, at least not at the salary he’s expecting.

Liv didn’t quit, though. After three years playing sparingly and rehabbing religiously, he set new goals and accepted a new role. He changed his game and his mindset. He’s now an important cog on a two-time champion at age 31.

This one is iffier than any player listed above, but Lee was a successful rotation player in San Antonio last year after struggling to be that in any of his stops since Golden State. He declined a player option, but Rg3 Cheap Jerseys he may end up returning there anyway.

It’d make sense for him to return to Memphis, and that still seems like the frontrunner. But after weirdness on the Fourth of July and virtual silence ever since, who knows.

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