How should you evaluate Peppers?

Peppers, however, plays with a style that is easy to appreciate — and will benefit a secondary that features Joe Haden. If Peppers avoids further failed tests and proves his worth in coverage at safety, then this could be a first-round steal for Cleveland.

How should you evaluate Peppers? As a sophomore, he was the best player on the field in every game except for Ohio State. As a junior, he earned consensus All-American honors playing out of position. The hype machine spun out of control, but that tends to happen with any player who plays multiple positions. Peppers played double-digit positions. He might even get a shot for a few snaps on offense.

“I’m open to do whatever they ask me to do,” Peppers said. “I did some things Cheap New York Giants Jerseys that nobody else did. They are going to get 200 percent out of me. I’m just so excited for the opportunity.”

As for the Michigan guy playing in Ohio factor? This is the sixth time the Browns have spent a first-round pick on a former Wolverines player. Braylon Edwards did not work out. Steve Everitt did. It’s also worth knowing that Thom Darden, the franchise’s all-time leader in interceptions — and a first-round pick in 1972 — played at Michigan, too.

The die-hard Cleveland fans will appreciate that statistic.

Even though, by those same rules, you don’t need an excuse at all, nor is anybody entitled to accept it or not.

It’s old, and its tired. It should be mandatory for everybody involved to, just for one offseason, let that go.

It isn’t yet, though.

So far this year, LeSean McCoy in Buffalo and Richard Sherman in Seattle went under the microscope for not being there for Day 1 of offseason workouts. It really is part of the NFL’s offseason routine — do a head count for camps, OTAs and the like, see who’s missing, dig for reasons, grill head coach and teammates about what’s going on and what it means.

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