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All of that, given the final result, is a testament to what Oregon did. The Ducks severely limited two of Michigan s four biggest weapons. They took some body blows from Walton and Irvin, two seniors playing for their careers.

But by effective field goal percentage, they kept Michigan s shooters to their second-worst game since February. That was enough to win by exactly one point. The Ducks needed every ounce of defense they scrounged up.

Ultimately, they went toe-to-toe with New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys what had been one of the top two offenses NFL Jerseys 2014 in the tournament alongside UCLA. And at the end, they forced a white-hot Walton into a shot that was just hard enough that even he couldn t drill it. That s why they re still dancing, and it s why Michigan s dream March is finally finished.

Broncos football poobah John Elway shouldn t mess around. Don t wait to see if Romo gets released by Dallas. Send the Cowboys a draft pick C provided it s within reason — to insure Romo is in the fold before Denver gets outmaneuvered by Houston for his services.

Such a move would be different for Elway, who has gone on the cheap lately at the quarterback position despite having adroitly played the position himself at a high price. Romo s $14 million base salary for 2017 is just $1 million less than what Elway convinced Peyton Manning to play for in 2017 with a contract restructure. It s far more than what Denver is set to pay Paxton Lynch ($2.2 million) and Trevor Siemian ($628,000) this season.

From having covered Elway as a beat writer his final two seasons in Denver, I can tell you his drive to win is as great as anyone I ve ever met in football. An insatiable thirst for success C and fear of failure C is what helped make Elway a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback. It also pushes him to make cut-throat decisions as an executive, like firing John Fox after three straight playoff seasons and clearing out assistant coaches he s known for decades after hiring Vance Joseph as his new head coach.

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