Trent Williams, Josh Norman lose money for skipping team’s offseason work

Josh Norman and Trent Williams had their base salaries slightly adjusted downward after failing to participate in 90 percent of Washington’s offseason workouts, Field Yates of ESPN reports.

The players might not notice.

Per a team source, no decisions have been made as to the punishment that the Dolphins will impose if/when players violate the new anthem policy. All options are on the table, the Fashion Online Shop Cheap Jerseys source said.

The team was required to put together a list of rules, and like most work rules, few articulate a clear, set formula for how discipline will be imposed. It’s entirely possible that the Dolphins will utilize progressive discipline in this case, beginning with a fine, escalating to a greater fine, and eventually resulting in a suspension (maybe for only one game), if he continues to violate the anthem policy.

Regardless, the notion that any Dolphins player who violates the new anthem policy automatically will be suspended four games is incorrect. Instead, a four-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team represents the maximum discipline that the Dolphins or any other team can impose on a player.

I will be involved in training camp when training camp comes around, Cobb said.

He didn’t get into many of the details, saying he had to meet with the team’s medical staff to determine his level of involvement, but said the boot was for protection and that he felt great at the moment.

That has to be a relief for the Packers, as their receiving corps has a new look this year and need all the known commodities they can get. They released Jordy Nelson and brought in three rookies, so having a healthy Cobb working alongside Davante Adams and new tight end Jimmy Graham provides some stability.

I remember interviewing him in ’13 when he was in OKC, and I felt like he was pretty widely beloved. He would talk about the hate he was getting, venom, and all of these sort of weird messages he was getting. I look at him and said, What are you listening to? What are you seeing? What is this? Is this in your head? I think he hears a lot of chatter and I think he internalizes it. If Kids Basketball Jerseys Cheap you see a little bit of what is directed at him and what has been since his move to Golden State, I think you could see how that could be a battle to block that out and be comfortable in the decisions he’s made and the course he’s chosen.

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