Theo Epstein says people should “ask Wetbutt” when it comes to Cubs trade rumors

The Cubs shipped some of their top prospects, including Eloy Jimenez, across town to the White Sox for Jose Quintana this week which would have been surprising no matter what the tertiary details of the deal were. But the universe delivered this time and not only did the trade go down over the All-Star break with secret phone calls taking place at fan conventions, but some of the most unlikely baseball “insiders” broke the news: two Redditors named “Wetbutt23” and “KatyPerrysBootyHole.”

That might not be enough to get him a promotion to the show, but it’s definitely enough for people to keep paying attention, especially after his recent promotion to St. Lucie. On Cheap Vintage NBA Jerseys Thursday night, Tebow blasted a walk-off homer over the left field fence to seal a 5-4 win for the Mets.

The excitement fans had in the park isn’t exactly translating to pure positivity about Tebow’s attempted baseball career, but he’s driven in seven runs in 33 chances at the plate through his last 10 games, so there’s at least an argument to be made that he can hack it at this level for a while longer.

His continued presence in the minors is still most likely tied more to ticket sales and merchandising opportunities than his skill set. Yet, as long as he’s down there chasing his Cheap Wholesale Jerseys China dreams. he can hopefully continue to make fans as happy as they are in the footage of this homer.

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