Adrian Beltre got ejected for relocating the on-deck circle, which is such an Adrian Beltre thing to do

Adrian Beltre is about to reach the 3,000 hit milestone. He’s expected to reach it sometime this weekend. He racked up three more hits on Wednesday night, but all of the attention was on him for a completely different (and yet very Beltre) reason.

As he was preparing for his final at-bat of the game, hoping to notch another hit on his tally, he was standing slightly away from the on-deck circle going through his warm up swings.

Then, the umpire asked him to get into the actual on-deck circle. Beltre, being Beltre, decided that instead of just following instructions he would simply relocate the on-deck circle to where he wanted it to be.

It took until there were under three minutes on the clock for Giancarlo Stanton to get going, but once he did, he went DEEP with a 496 footer. 496!

Stanton does not wait for his balls to land before hitting the next one, and it makes for some homers that start before the last one lands. He caught fire just before the two-minute mark, jumping to eight shortly after his timeout, and number nine earned him his 30 seconds of bonus time, which he will definitely need to catch Sanchez.

Why can’t we have Stanton and Sanchez advance who booked this bracket what is wrong with you

Giancarlo started to look real tired as time winded down, but Cheap Quality Soccer Jerseys picked up two more to give him 15 total — 10 of them over 440 feet — before his 30 seconds of bonus time began.

Stanton used his break to get the crowd behind him, needing Cheap Red Wings Jerseys two to tie Sanchez and three to eliminate him. He picked up the first with 10 seconds left, but that was it, and the defending champ is eliminated!

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