Delaying Ezekiel Elliott decision is smart, but Roger Goodell still stepped in it

It’s not that big a surprise that a decision by the NFL about its Ezekiel Elliott investigation likely won’t come this week. That is not the kind of news to release during what is largely going to be Cowboys Week at the Pro Football Hall of Fame — Jerry Jones is one of Saturday’s inductees, and the Cowboys are playing in the Hall of Fame Game on Thursday night.

Elway has to be rooting for Lynch, because a continued failure to launch into the Patriots Cheap Jerseys lineup will be the undoubted biggest dent of Elway’s GM tenure. He was fortunate with how things worked with Peyton Manning, but between Brock Osweiler and Lynch, the best quarterback in Broncos history has had trouble nailing down a true, long-term franchise passer.

Early in the offseason, it seemed like it was breaking the right way, that Elway opting for Lynch as the better prospect than Dak Prescott could end up with Lynch playing at the latter’s level in ’17. As Elway has kept declaring, he liked both of his quarterbacks since the beginning of the year, he was hoping to like Lynch a whole lot more, and that hasn’t materialized.

Siemian will start the preseason opener, with Lynch getting his nod for the second preseason game next week. Both Elway and Vance Joseph have extended the competition as far Pittsburgh Penguins Cheap Jerseys as possible in exhibitions, desperately hoping that it will lean toward Lynch, given more time.

But it’s looking now more like Siemian has to be choice, because Lynch hasn’t proven to be much of one yet. That’s not a good development, for either the present or the future — and certainly not a good look for Elway.

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