Ray Lewis is joining Fox Sports as an NFL analyst, sources tell Sporting News.

Unlike the NHL — which allows teams to protect players from being selected — NFL teams have had to do the opposite and choose a list of players to make available. Assuming the league sticks to the same rules, each of the current 32 franchises would have to put five players on the list, giving the new expansion team a list of 160 players to pick from.

And just for the sake of clarity, how about we just call that team the Brooklyn Beats?

Instead of locking players away like the NHL, the NFL works more like a yard sale. Here are the rules the other 32 teams would have to follow to make five players available to the Beats:

The two-time Super Bowl champion with Ravens will analyze the league Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks for both Fox Sports and the FS1 cable network.

Fox declined to comment. Lewis, a 13-time Pro Bowler, was expected to announce the move during a Tuesday appearance on FS1’s “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor.

That would be a .731 winning percentage for more than half a season. Last year’s Cheap Jerseys China Vip Cubs were at .602 in the first half and .685 in the second half, though they did have two months — April (.773) and August (.786) — where they topped .731.

We’ve been conditioned to believe by vacant analysis that every college freshman who has an impressive or surprising NCAA debut is automatically a candidate for one-and-done greatness. Heck, we’re told that even about players who are just OK in their first seasons.

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