Falcons built for sustained success thanks to healthy coach-GM relationship

New York dominated most of the first half and entered the locker room with a 203-147 advantage in total yards. Rodgers was 11 of 22 for 155 yards and two touchdowns, but he took four sacks. Eli Manning was 13 of 21 for 170 yards.

The Packers needed every bit of their amazing field position to get their first score of the game, set up by a 31-yard pass (Green Bay had managed 29 yards of total offense before the play) from Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams on first down. The same duo connected for the five-yard touchdown, which only happened because of Rodgers’ uncanny ability to buy time in the pocket… if you want to call it a pocket. 7-6, Packers.

Giants corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie injured what appeared to be his thigh area at the end of the Packers’ first possession of the game. He received treatment after he hobbled off the field, but he returned later in the game.

Going into the best Sunday of the NFL season, we know two things for certain: It will be a feast for football fans who love to watch star quarterbacks in big games, and regardless of who wins, two great quarterbacks will be leading their teams on Super Sunday.

It was different with the Titans in 1999, with a 26-year-old Steve McNair playing his first Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys AFC title game, in Jacksonville against the top-seeded Jaguars.

But Steve was on the cusp of becoming an elite quarterback, and he was a supremely confident player who knew we already had beaten the Jaguars twice during the regular season. His Cheap Paintball Jerseys And Pants positive vibes carried over to his teammates, and he led the way in a convincing win that sent us to Super Bowl XXXIV against the Rams.

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