Cutler still has plenty of natural talent and smarts to contribute in the NFL.

There’s not a lot of that talk going on about Young since the news broke of his comeback attempt Wednesday, but put that aside for now, too.

Just think of this: Matt Moore started an NFL playoff game last month. So did Connor Cook.

Josh McCown, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Blaine Gabbert … everybody knows by now the list of those who managed to play significant time in the league last year. This is hardly the golden age of depth at the game’s most important position.

Young must be aware, and certainly Leigh Steinberg is.

Cutler took the Bears to the playoffs only once. He didn’t do enough there to be handed another cushy job elsewhere. The Dolphins just made the playoffs after a long drought, and even if Tannell is neither injured nor ineffective, Cutler can still have good value to them.

Matt Schaub, who once led the NFL in passing yards as Houston’s starter, served as a key conduit between Falcons’ OC Kyle Shanahan and reigning MVP Matt Ryan in a backup role Premier League Cheap Jerseys for the NFC champions. Mark Sanchez, well removed from his Jets’ first-round promise, had a big hand in Dak Prescott’s immediate success with the Cowboys.

As far as those retirement rumors, they are more Cutler’s sneaky way of diminishing his trade value and ensuring he’ll get cut. It makes sense that he wants to pick his next team rather than let the Bears do it.

Cutler still has plenty of natural talent and smarts to contribute in the NFL. It may be far from ‘perfect’, but no team can offer him a better solution than the Dolphins.

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