Joseph Fauria looking to make NFL comeback with ‘grocery list’ of new touchdown celebrations

A tight end who performed some of the NFL’s most creative end-zone celebrations says he has a “grocery list” of new ones ready to go.

Joseph Fauria is now hoping for the opportunity to put them on display.

Fauria told co-host Geoff Schwartz and me Saturday on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he is attempting an NFL comeback after sitting out last season.

“I think a lot of people have put a lot of work into starting to change the culture in youth and high school sports,’’ he said. “But we’re missing enough of the same messages from the professionals. We’re not seeing them willing to be role models about the dangers of concussions.

“You cannot get active NFL players to talk to you (about their concussions) because they don’t want to put their careers at risk. (But) as soon as a player leaves the league, they begin talking about concussions,’’ he said, noting that it was not a surprise that Johnson, a year after his retirement, was so frank about it.

Two more retired players, Matt Hasselbeck and Leonard Marshall, pledged their brains to the Boston University CTE Center last week, and Marshall spoke to the Brain Trust conference in Boston, coordinated by, among others, the Veterans Administration and the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

Current players, though, do a disservice to their Cheap Jerseys Made In China cause by concealing the state of their brains for the reasons they do, Nowinski said, to the point that he would rather them Cheap Jerseys NBA keep their secret even more secret.

“I’d rather that they lie about it,’’ he said. “Just don’t talk about it — make it like Fight Club. Don’t talk about it with such pride. You should be embarrassed to talk about it like that.

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