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Cincinnati’s defensive line needs rebuilding, and it just lost its two best offensive linemen. Whitworth’s versatility and leadership will be missed. Zeitler didn’t even get an offer from the Bengals, and he spurned them to be the highest-paid guard in the game for division and in-state rival Cleveland. The Ravens got better with Tony Jefferson and Danny Woodhead, too, and the Steelers didn’t have to spend much to remain the class in the AFC North. Keeping corner Dre’ Kirkpatrick is a small consolation: the Bengals are no longer in a playoff window.

The sage officially came to an end with the return of the jersey on Thursday, March 23.

“It was great to have both jerseys returned to Gillette Stadium today,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said. I don’t know that any agency could have accomplished this independently, but collectively multiple agencies – both in NFL Cheap Jerseys the U.S. and in Mexico – worked together to achieve the goal of retrieving the stolen property.

Manziel has helped his own cause by largely staying out of the NBA Jerseys For Sale tabloids recently. If rumors of his comeback are true, he’s a prospect whose youth makes him an interesting pickup for a team looking to pass the torch from its veteran quarterback to a new generation. However, questions about his attitude and leadership ability have plagued the former Aggie throughout his career, and he may not be worth the baggage he brings.

Current tiebreaker: Wizards-Celtics is tied at 2-2, and the Celtics have a 3.5-game lead in conference record, so they will likely earn that tiebreaker. The Raptors have the head-to-head tiebreaker over Washington and Boston.

Who has the toughest schedule? Washington by a long shot. The Wizards only have three home games left, plus a five-game road trip that starts in Cleveland and ends in Golden State.

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