Las Vegas mayor says Chargers are in play for possible relocation

If the team gathers the appropriate amount of signatures, then San Diegans will get to vote on the new stadium. If the initiative passes, San Diego’s hotel room tax would jump up four percent, which would help pay for the $1.8 billion stadium/convention center project.

If the initiative were to fail, then the Chargers would likely to move to Los Angeles, unless everything mentioned above also miraculously happened, then the team would have the option of Las Vegas.

One more thing to keep in mind for Chargers fans: Goodman as already said that she thinks the Raiders will end up in Vegas.

In Vegas terms, a Chargers move to Sin City is probably something you shouldn’t bet on.

Government research into a group of retired NFL players showed they had a lower suicide rate than men in the general population. The study also noted it contained significant shortcomings.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health studied a group of retired players who played for a minimum of five years from 1959 to 1988, according to ESPN. The research found that there were 12 suicides out of 3,439 former players between 1979 and 2013. As ESPN wrote, “Suicide rates in the general population suggest 25 suicides would have been expected for men of comparable age.”

Marshall told the New York Post on Tuesday that the Jets will “be OK” with Smith orBryce Petty under center.

“Just seeing Bryce and Geno grow so much the last year is really encouraging, and I’m just proud of those guys,” Marshall said. “We’ll be OK.”

So, let’s state the obvious: Neither Smith nor Petty project as above-average quarterbacks. When Smith’s been handed a chance (29 starts, 31 appearances), he’s flopped (72.3 passer rating). And Petty is nothing more than a developmental prospect who’s never played in a real game.

The plan in question is a $1.33 billion project headed up by the Las Vegas Sands corporation. The potential stadium could be just blocks from the Vegas strip, but the real important piece of information are the multiple teams the city wants to bring in.

From the interview with Goodman:

Goodman said the site under consideration could host the NFL, MLS and UNLV football. She said she is confident that Las Vegas would get an MLS franchise.

One of those “other considerations” that Jones is referring to happens to be gambling. Although the NFL has made it clear that it’s staunchly against gambling, Jones thinks the league would be willing to overlook that because Vegas’ “entertainment value” overshadows the gambling.

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